26 March 2017,   13:02
"Four judges guided by Giorgi Papuashvili are fulfilling party orders," - Giorgi Volsky


Political assessments followed the statement of the Venice Commission Vice-president.Herdis  Thorgeirsdottir evaluated the developments around the Constitutional Court as pressure.

The rulingteam states that the Constitutional Court is not under pressure from the authorities, but they focus on the internal pressure in the Constitutional Court.

"Intervention is noted from four judges guided by Giorgi Papuashvili who fulfill tasks of the UNM," - Gia Volsky said.

Kakhi Kaladze did not confirm the facts of pressure on judges.

"As for the internal pressure, we have witnessed it. It was proved that there was no pressure on judges of which Giorgi Papuashvili spoke. I would say that everything was used for political speculations," - said Kaladze.